Commons Licensing Constraints (mcp:MD_Commons)


ISO19115 has a number of constraint classes that can be used to describe rights to information and restrictions on access and use: MD_Security, MD_LegalConstraints (see section A.2.3 of the ISO19115 standard for details). However, the majority of the elements used in these classes are free text and there are no specific elements that can be used to handle licenses that are delivered and described on the internet. The intention of these new classes is to fill this gap by providing purpose built elements that describe both the internet delivered licenses and any additional constraints that the common forms of these licenses may require (eg. attribution constraints).



UML Diagram of MD_Commons class

Data Dictionary

This table makes use of lines 67-68 from table B.2.3 (Constraint information) in the ISO19115 standard. Lines 901 onwards are new elements from the MCP.

No. Name/Role Name Definition Condition/ Obligation Max. Occurrence Data Type Domain
67 MD_Constraints Restrictions on the access and use of a resource or metadata Note 1 Note 2 Aggregated Class Line 68
68 useLimitation Limitation affecting fitness for use of the resource or metadata O N CharacterString FreeText
901 MD_Commons Commons license restrictions on resource or metadata Note 1 Note 2 Specified Class (MD_Constraints) Lines 902-911 and 68
902 jurisdictionLink Link to licensing jurisdiction information M 1 Class URL
903 licenseLink Link to licensing information M 1 Class URL
904 imageLink Link to visual license representation (as image) M 1 Class URL
905 licenseName Name of the license M 1 CharacterString FreeText
906 attributionConstraints How, when and who resource or metadata should be attributed to O N CharacterString FreeText
907 derivativeConstraints Constraints on products that may be derived from resource or metadata O N CharacterString FreeText
908 commercialUseConstraints Constraints on making use of resource or metadata commercially O N CharacterString FreeText
909 collectiveWorksConstraints Constraints on including this resource or metadata in a collective work O N CharacterString FreeText
910 otherConstraints Any other constraint not captured specific constraint fields O N CharacterString FreeText
911 commonsType Type of commons licensing scheme described M 1 Enumeration CommonsTypeCode <<Enumeration>>

Obligation / Condition Key

  • Note 1 - Use obligation from referencing object
  • Note 2 - Use maximum occurence from referencing object
  • M - Mandatory
  • O - Optional
  • C - Conditional

XML Example

An XML example of a resource constraint that uses a Creative Commons license.

   <mcp:MD_Commons mcp:commonsType="Creative Commons" gco:isoType="gmd:MD_Constraints">
           <gco:CharacterString>The data used to test this vehicle
   should not be used for navigation purposes</gco:CharacterString>
           <gco:CharacterString>Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia</gco:CharacterString>
           <gco:CharacterString>Attribute as: Butte J, A horse drawn,
   cabbage leaf powered, Marine bicycle, Heath Robinson Monthly,
   UK Oceanographics Inc</gco:CharacterString>
           <gco:CharacterString>Note attribution and share alike
                 provisions of CC license</gco:CharacterString>

Metadata about this element

  • Proposer: BlueNet Project (Kate Roberts)
  • Date proposed: 2010
  • Date accepted by MCP Governance Committee: 2010
  • MCP Version: 1.4 onwards