Data Sampling Frequency (mcp:samplingFrequency)


ISO19115 has a data identification class that capture metadata about a data set or resource. The class does not include information about the frequency with which a data resource has been sampled. The MCP defines a samplingFrequency element that can capture this information. It is included as an extension of the data identification class and reuses an extension of the controlled vocabulary provided by the MD_MaintenanceFrequency code list (see section B.5.18 in ISO19115 and MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode (Annex B.5.18 in ISO19115)).



UML Diagram showing extension to ISO Identification Information Element to include samplingFrequency

Data Dictionary

No. Name/Role Name Definition Condition/ Obligation Max. Occurrence Data Type Domain
930 samplingFrequency Describes the frequency with which the resource is sampled O 1 Class MD_MaintenanceFrequencyCode (B.5.18)

XML Example

<mcp:MD_DataIdentification gco:isoType="gmd:MD_DataIdentification">

Metadata about this element

  • Proposer: AODCJF Technical Committee
  • Date confirmed by MCP Governance Committee: 2006
  • Included in MCP Version: 1.2 onwards